Come as you are, 
pay what you can.

We build community and empower our students to take what they absorb in yoga and meditation into their daily lives. With our pay-what-you-can commitment, we open the studio to ALL.

Our teachers are light-hearted, non-judgemental and compassionate. It doesn’t matter the brand of your yoga pants, how long you’ve been practicing, or if you can touch your toes. We strive to serve all people, including those with visible and invisible disabilities. We believe if yoga is accessible to every body, a return to our true nature of peace and joy through yoga should be affordable for everyone.

From our humble beginnings in a shared room with a crowdfunding campaign, our commitment to creating a safe place for spiritual growth enables us to hold space for you to work through whatever brings you to your mat. Whether you want to increase mobility or strength, establish discipline, release stress, build confidence, or start a meditation practice, there is a class on our schedule for you.

New Student Offer: one month of unlimited yoga for $60

Beginner-friendly yoga for all

Many of our classes are accessible to brand-new-to-yoga  students. Those with any sort of mobility restrictions (or self-described as "terribly inflexible") will enjoy Restorative or Blissful Yoga to start.  For the mild-to-moderately active person looking to begin yoga, Gentle Flow is the perfect starting point. If you’ve practiced before, whether inconsistently over the years or just on dvd’s at home, we recommend any of our classes EXCEPT the Strong Flow classes, which are a bit more upbeat and, as a novice, can be overwhelming to keep up with the poses and the pace.