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Studio Etiquette and Frequently Asked Questions

Arrive 10 minutes early. This gives you time to settle in before class. Note that we lock the door about 5 minutes after start time. If you’re arriving late, please do so quietly so as to not disturb the other students, as classes start on time.

Pay what you can. We are proud to be the only pay-what-you-can yoga studio in Indianapolis. Since we still have bills to pay, our donation option is cash only. If you’re paying by card, it is a $15 flat rate.

No shoes in the yoga studio. When you arrive, please give your name to the front desk person to check in. Then remove your shoes - we never wear those into the studio - and proceed to enter the room.

Alert each teacher of any injuries. We will do our best to help you modify your practice to protect your injuries. If it is a major injury or recent surgery, we might ask for a doctor’s clearance before allowing you to practice.

No strong fragrances. Please be mindful to not wear heavy perfume to the studio. Also arrive free of any strong body odor and, if you smoke, please do not smoke within an hour of class so that the odor doesn’t disturb those around you.

No cell phones. Leave all your distractions off the mat. Please leave cell phones and watches in the back room. Cell phones should be on silent. If you wear a smart watch, please turn it to “theater mode” so it does not send alerts and distractions to you or your neighbors. We also recommend wearing minimal jewelry - it just gets in the way. 

Enjoy the silence. While we LOVE to see the Breathing Space community buzzing and vibrant, please respect everyone's transition to their practice and keep conversations quiet before class.

Rest when needed. Always listen to your body first and foremost. If you need to rest, there is no shame in taking a moment to pause and reconnect with your breath.

We do not recommend leaving early. Savasana is the most important part of yoga practice! If you absolutely must leave before class ends, please discuss this with your teacher before class begins so she can help you finish your practice with savasana while still getting you out in time. Please exit quietly so as to not disturb the other students.

Kids yoga. Every now and then, we get asked if we do kids yoga. This is the hardest thing to say no to, but we’ve never had success when putting it on the schedule. Other priorities always come up with families. That being said, we would love our classes to be all ages, however we realize there needs to be a minimum age to honor the class's need for serenity. From experience, we see that well-behaved children 8 and older are appropriate to participate in the whole class. If a child is unable to maintain focus, they would need to be able to sit quietly unattended (though we are not a babysitting service, so if they do not plan to practice, they need to stay home please). A parent or guardian must attend with anyone under the age of 12.  A waiver must be signed for every student, so please be sure a parent or legal guardian is present at the minor's first class. Henceforth, it is with permission/knowledge of the parent/guardian that minors attend class on their own and any risks associated with it; Breathing Space shall not at any point be held responsible for any minor.