Q:     I'm NOT AT ALL flexible, can I still do yoga?
A:     Yoga is for EVERY BODY! Whether you are an athlete, are recovering from injury, have chronic pain, feel the effects of aging, are a runner, or spend most of your time sitting, yoga is here to help. I couldn't touch my toes starting out, but I'm amazed at the progress I make in my daily practice. Sometimes it's easy, often it's not. The ability to "do" a pose is not important; the mental clarity and calm you receive is. The strength and flexibility developed from a yoga practice is just a beautiful side effect. :)

Q:     How much should I pay?
A:     What you can afford. Most studios around town charge upwards of $20 per class. If you're able to practice at other studios, we ask you to pay what you pay there. Otherwise, we suggest $14; when people pay more than that, it offsets the costs for students who can't otherwise afford to practice. We're truly grateful for each student who walks through the door paying what they can.

Q:     I can afford only $5 or $10 per class, is that okay?
A:     Of course! If you are paying under $10, please ask how you can volunteer to offset expenses. We appreciate it when people distribute flyers, clean the studio, bake us cookies, bring fresh flowers, etc. All are welcome at Breathing Space but we are a community studio and everyone is asked to contribute in some way, shape or form.

Q:     What do I need to bring to class?
A:     Yourself! Bring a bottle of water if you'd like. If you have a mat, bring it; if not, you can borrow one of ours until you're ready to make the investment! (We consider this like renting bowling shoes, there will be a day where you realize you want your own mat.)

Q:     What do I wear?
A:     Wear comfortable clothes but nothing too loose or restricting. Teachers can't see proper alignment and form if the body is hidden under baggy apparel. Jewelry - particularly necklaces, watches and bracelets - is discouraged; they'll just get in your way. Please come to the studio free of strong odors - perfume, tobacco products, body odor, etc - to not offend other students.

Q:     Do I need to do anything before coming for class?
A:     It saves us time if you create an account prior to arrival. You just need to follow this link and fill out the necessary information. Since we prefer cash or check, you don't need to necessarily pre-register online unless you're paying with your card or ACH...in which case you can do that online, too!

Q:     Can kids come?
A:     We would love our classes to be all ages, however we realize there needs to be a minimum age to honor the class's need for serenity. From experience, we see that well-behaved children 8 and older are appropriate to participate in the whole class. If a child is unable to maintain focus, they would need to be able to sit quietly unattended (though we are not a babysitting service, so if they do not plan to practice, they need to stay home please). A parent or guardian must attend with anyone under the age of 12.  A waiver must be signed for every student, so please be sure a parent or legal guardian is present at the minor's first class. Henceforth, it is with permission/knowledge of the parent/guardian that minors attend class on their own and any risks associated with it; Breathing Space shall not at any point be held responsible for any minor.