Come as you are, 
pay what you can.

We believe in community empowerment through yoga and meditation and we’re doing our part to bring people from all walks of life to the mat.

We practice non-judgment both on and off the mat. It doesn’t matter what you wear, how long you’ve been practicing, or how well you can touch your toes. These days we constantly are hearing how yoga’s benefits have no boundaries; it helps the young and old, weak and strong, agile and immobile, thin and obese. Our doors are open to everyone, our teachers and students are friendly and welcoming (seriously they are, we're not just saying that). We believe in a light-hearted, compassionate approach to the practice.  We believe if yoga is accessible to every body, yoga should be affordable for everyone. And thus, Breathing Space Yoga and Meditation, the first pay-what-you-can yoga studio in Indiana, was born. We are less interested in how much you can pay, rather that you simply show up to your mat and breathe. Whether it’s $5 or $20, we are grateful for your support.

We believe in promoting an honestly yogic lifestyle. That means that we are able and willing to hold space for you to work through whatever it is that brings you to your mat. Perhaps it’s something physical, you want to lose weight or gain flexibility; perhaps it’s more mental, you want to release a negative thought pattern or develop your confidence; perhaps you need something spiritual, you’re looking to create a daily at-home meditation practice or find a Guru. Our team of highly qualified teachers are ready to provide whatever it is you’re seeking. We believe in connecting with the peace and joy that is the true nature within each of us; all our classes include meditation.

New Student Deal: 30 days of unlimited yoga for $60

Beginner-friendly yoga for all

Many of our classes are accessible to brand-new-to-yoga  students. Whether you're looking for a very gentle stretch with more stress-relief/meditative benefits or you're looking to build strength and deepen your flexibility, our wide variety of class styles can accommodate your needs.

Students with any sort mobility restrictions (or self-described as "terribly inflexible") will enjoy Restorative, Yin, or Blissful Yoga to start.  For the mild-to-moderately active person looking to begin yoga, we recommend any of our classes EXCEPT the Vinyasa and Strong Flow classes, which are a bit more upbeat and, as a novice, can be overwhelming to keep up with the poses and the pace.